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三個貼士透個NetWorking Event攞Offer!

係大學入面,好多iBank,Bank,學校同公司會搞Networking Event,有好多內地生會參加呢類形Event,因為有機會透過Networking攞到面試機會。但香港學生就較Hea,唔係太知道點用NetWorking去同Professional建立關系。我地呢篇Article會教你三招點樣係NetWorking留低深刻印象同攞Offer。 第一,自我介紹。當你係NetWorking Event見到"Mentor",好自然係要介紹自己,而呢Part同係面試開頭問既Walk Me Through Your CV係同樣重要。自我介紹要較有趣同埋要限制於90秒以內。 係呢90秒內,你應該涵蓋既範圍包括: 介紹自己稱呼。 分享自己既興趣。 介紹自已學歷背景、過去既暑假做過啲咩、有冇做緊咩Part Time Job、點解你會有興趣呢個Industry 等等。主要希望Mentor對你有興趣,願意繼續傾落去。 簡單咁Sum up你剛剛講過既野,從而希望Mentor可以俾D建議你 簡單例子: 👨‍🎓Student: Hi my name is Student - I just attended the campus event of ABC Group and was impressed with the ….. You are the senior management of ABC group, right? 👨Mentor: Yes 👨‍🎓Student: Great! I really respect your firm and have been following your recent initiative to automate...… I’m a penultimate year student studying Finance at XXX university. I’m looking to start my career in…….I’m particularly interested in…. Would you have time to chat for a few minutes about your group and how you got to where you are? 第二:提出適當問題。 係Event要展問對話,當然要問問題打開話匣子。 我地建議同學可以問下: 公司既資料,例如: 1. Can you describe the corporate culture at ABC? 2. How do junior professionals interact with senior professional at ABC? 3. What is the career progression at your firm? 或者問下 About the position at hand,例如: 1. What is your typical day/week like? 2. What is your favourite part of your job? 3. What specific skillset in a new hire would make your life easier? 呢D問題都比較輕鬆,主要係分享下日常工作既細節又唔會俾人覺得好Demanding。 同時間,要避免啲好Chur既問題。因為Mentor 出席Networking Event都希望輕鬆D,如果同學不斷問以下問題,好似你係到Interview 你既Mentor 咁,會令人有壓力。 例如:What do you see as the future of XXX?Where do you see your sector going in the next few year?How has XXX affected your business? For the XXX event, why is that? What kinds of deals have you worked on over the past year? 第三:適當地Follow-up 咁完左活動之後,你會收到不同Mentor既卡片。 千萬唔好覺得呢啲卡片冇用,完左Event 之後,你可以禮貌地Draft 個Email 俾Mentor。Email 內可以多謝Mentor花時間出席活動、分享不少工作趣事或者對自己既建議。 有三個重點同學可以留意: 1. 感謝佢係NetWorking Event既分享 2. 重申你既Career Goal同埋點解你會一個好既Candidate 3. 再講Thank You 4. 留低自己既聯絡方法,方便日後聯絡 如果你可以留個好既Impression比佢,日後佢公司有Recruitment,會有機會邀請你去Interview! 希望同學可以有效咁善用Networking Event去為自己攞多啲Interview! 睇完記住比個LIKE👍!些些!🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️

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