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揾Internship除左可以睇公司既Opening之外,亦都可以自己寫Cold Email自動請英,或者透過LinkedIn做Networking獲得。

😛如果你係Year 1、2或者你而家冇信心可以Land到大公司既Offer,不防可以主動啲寫Application去中小型地產商、Auditing Firm、Boutique Investment Bank/Private Bank或者Marketing Firm,因為唔係好多學生會咁做,所以機會會大好多。

❗主動Send Cold Email比公司"R" Internship❗ 首先你要Google晒你想Approach既公司。重點:你要搵到「大佬」既Email,臂如係MD,Director。如果就咁Send去Info@/ HR@,個Email未去到大佬到就比啲Officer Delete。根據WallStreet Owais既網民,如果Send30個Emails,有1/2都會覆返佢地或者安排面試。

係Email果度,Subject要寫清楚你個目的,例子:Unpaid Internship Opportunity/ HKU Finance student looking for internship/ unpaid internship opportunity

➡️自我介紹 My name is David and I am an undergraduate student studying Global Business at the HKUST. I was writing in regards to any paid/un-paid internships you may have for this XXX in the XXX office.

➡️Pitch自己既Skillset同點樣可以幫到佢間公司 (要精而簡) I am interested at Equity market and I master fundamental knowledge of most equity derivative products. Thus, I am able to assist RM in various way e.g. prepare pitch book and conduct market research.

➡️Closing I would be grateful if you could take a look at my resume. I would be available to take up the internship from June to August, 2018. Thank you very much for your time.

❗善用LinkedIn建立Network,從而透過Network "R" Internship❗ LinkedIn係一個好Powerful既Networking Tool,如果你未掌握到用LinkedIn既技巧就要繼續睇。 首先,係搵Potential既Mentors既時候,同學仔必須切記搵「有共同點」既人。例如:你學校Alumni、上過同莊既師兄/師姐等等。搵到之後就可以Send In mail 同佢地Connect

➡️係Subject要寫請楚你地既「有共同點」,例如:CUHK student seeking advice in Private Equity; Professor Chan referred me to you; Interested in Sales & Trading等等。因為一般Professional都好忙,Email內容一定要精而簡。

➡️My name is David Chan and I am a rising Sophomore E&F student at HKU, who is very interested in a career in Sales & Trading. I found your name in the E&F alumni directory and was hoping we could set up a time to speak briefly about the industry so I could gain some insight from your experiences.

I appreciate any time you can spare and I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks in advance.

係Email /LinkedInMessage中唔洗特登提及咩工作機會,只要佢肯同你傾個電話,電話中你成功表現到自己,到時如果佢地知道有合適既既職位,就會話你知。


😉我地今個星期日10PM會做Q&A Live,如果有咩關於Internship/Career既問題,都可以到時問! --------- 😉如果你有興趣知道多啲Investment Banking Field係Interview會問既問題,可以去呢度返Download Interview Booklet:

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