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We have prepared various career resources, covering Investment Banking, Banking, Property, Conglomerates and Accounting. You can download for free by signing the form. All resources will be sent on Monday.

1. Professional CV Templates for Hong Kong, Singapore & UK Students


Sample professional resumes donated by our elite students who have successfully received top offers from the 7 most popular industries this year: Investment Banking Division (IBD), Global Markets (S&T), Quants, Corporate Banking, and more, so you can see how you should phrase your experiences, insert keywords, and format your CV to a professional level and secure your dream offers too!

2. For University Students in Hong Kong - Internship Salary Guide(AUG 2023)


How much can you get for your next internship? Download this thorough guide detailing salaries for 200+ intern positions in major iBanks, financial institutions, and corporates such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and other organizations in Hong Kong, so you can ascertain expected salaries for highly coveted internship opportunities.


3. For University Students in Hong Kong - Graduate Job Salary Guide

What are the highest-paying Management Trainees and/or Graduate Analyst positions in Hong Kong? Check out this thorough guide detailing salaries for 200+ grad job positions in major iBanks, financial institutions, corporates, conglomerates, and other organizations across Hong Kong, so you can ascertain expected salaries for highly coveted positions.

4. Investment Banking Valuation Methodology - 2023 Edition


If you are aiming for the Investment Banking Division (IBD), you should know that you are tested on your knowledge of valuation and analysis methodologies in all interviews. That’s why you need this guide, which explains widely used valuation methodologies such as Comparable Company Analysis, Precedent Transaction Analysis, and Discounted Cash Flow Analysis (DCF). With it, you can strengthen your understanding of financial analysis and vital valuation techniques to impress your interviewers during your IB interviews.

5. Banking Interview Booklet 

A booklet with more than 50 consolidated interview questions for Banking

6. Introduction to Derivative Instruments


IB interviewers expect their candidates to have in-depth knowledge of financial instruments, such as derivatives. It is a MUST for you to build a solid foundation on this subject in order to ace the IB interviews. Get a copy of this detailed guide introducing and explaining derivatives, their uses, and more so you can enhance your understanding of these important financial instruments in banking, and successfully apply this knowledge in interviews and at work.

7. Guidebook to Win Any Case Competition


Winning strategies compiled from interviewing 10+ students who won major consulting case competitions recently


8.Master Program Choices 2023/23 Edition (Universities from the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, the United States)

A lot of students wish to pursue a master’s degree in order to polish their profiles and pass the initial screening processes of investment banks, major banks, and international corporations. Before doing so, it is crucial to research the top master programs that are worth your time and investment. This compiled list of top master program choices in the UK, the US, Australia, and Canada is exactly what you need. You can select top-tier universities and embark on an educational journey that will maximize your chances of landing your dream roles in IB, S&T, and more.


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