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HSBC, 渣打等大銀行internship video interview 貼士大公開

而家好多大銀行請intern都好興做video interview,一般都會問Behavioral questolm。首先,同學一定要寫script,然後做interview 既時候打開對著讀,咁樣先能夠答得順𣈱,只要你自然d唔好咁明顯,其實佢地唔會覺得你係照稿讀。 我地亦想分享兩條video interview必問既問題,同我地建議既答案 1. What motivates you to collaborate with others? 建議既答案重點(既然interview 都係用英文,我地都會用英文): - team work is essential in banking because almost all tasks are team based - Working in a team allows me to learn from other colleagues - When we work in a team, cross checking can reduce mistakes - When we work in a team, we can each be in charge of areas where we are strong in, this can make us more efficient - Example: Middle and back office to carry out function. Each person will be responsible for diff deposit operations - Example: relationship manager handling client, work with others to handle client How to deliver the best to client? - I understand delivering the best to client will involve a lot of pressure and challenges, because there can be a tight deadline, with requirements from the client and also internal requirements - Working under such constraints, it is essential to have a clear workflow and logic - It is also important to communicate clearly with the client to understand their needs to suggest suitable products to them. For example, if a client is short of cash and wish to expand, they may be looking for a loan. If a client is cash-rich they may be more interested in investment services - To serve client well, communication with team and feedback from supervisor is also very important - Building long term relationship with client is also key. Hence, following up on the client to continue to understand their needs after the sale is very important 其實仲有好多有用tips,不過我地唔想咁公開,所以我地會搞埸免費workshop 教大家點樣攞 Banking internship job offer 我地會分享既tips包括: - 十大Banking internship interview最常問既問題及最屈機答案 - 係interview 方面點樣先可以表現到Bank最著重既三個性格特徵 - 每個 interview stage ( 包括HR interview 及AC) 最重要既skills -入Banking 一定要有既 technical skills -入到之後如何點樣impress 同事得到 return offer

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