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🤔做完intern攞reference letter 一定要知既秘訣

Reference letter 對於你搵Grad Job 十分重要。無論HR Interview 定係Final Interview, 一般公司都會參考你份Reference Letter, 了解你工作能力。 係你做完Intern 後, 一般公司都會俾份標準,係人都有既Reference Letter 你, 純粹係話你表現" Satisfactory "。 呢種Reference Letter唔會令你突出。 我地提議學生做完Intern後直接問Team Head 及Divisional Head 攞Reference Letter,問既技巧好重要,最好既方法係同老闆講「請問你介唔介意寫份Reference Letter 俾我啊?我知你工作好忙,如果我先寫份Draft 之後再俾你改,Ok嗎?」 ✔️至於Reference既內容,第一段可以講下你既Personality Traits,例如:I gladly write this letter of recommendation for XXX and his accomplishments for ABC firm from date to date. XXX is a proactive and hardworking individual who is able to …... ✔️第二,三段就講下你係Internship 期間做過既野。留意番,第二段唔好寫得太Specific, 因為你份Letter報好多唔同工既時候都會用到, 所以最好寫得大路D。例如,”Learned various functions on Bloomberg, Prepared meeting and presentation material" 會好過"use Bloomberg to find equity research report”。 ✔️最尾就講下” I strongly recommend XXX as a competent individual and I am positive that with the right direction, he will be a valuable asset to any company …....." 希望幫到快完成Internship既同學! 睇完唔該比個LIKE先走!(Repost) 🤣想知多啲今年其它Grad Job加左幾多人工,可以免費Download個MT Salary Booklet黎睇下:

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