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Tips for Phone Interview

1. Speak Slowly

Interviewees should not speak too quickly as the interviewers normally have to type in their response for future recruitment purposes. To prevent troubles to repeat the answer again, an appropriate pace of speech should be used.

2. Prepare for interview questions in advance

Candidates are highly recommended to get the tips to get ready for their interviews. Getting tips from HKU Cedars is a smart way to go. Their database provides past interview questions.

3. Print out notes and scripts

After preparing for the questions, candidates are suggested to make some notes or even a full script for the possible questions. One smart way to go is print out the notes with sufficient highlights for allocating questions on the notes. This allows candidates to quickly refer to their answer prepared. Fluency might then be improved.

4. Concrete answers with examples

Candidates should avoid giving a too general answer since it is hard to impress the interviewers. Candidates are suggested to give at least one or more concrete examples for the behavioral questions.

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